4th edition of Ribajazz
4th edition Ribajazz
18/19/20 of July 2019
Riba-roja de Túria
18 July  
Ester Andújar & Eva Romero
‘The Carmen McRae/Betty Carter DUETS’
The Carmen McRae / Betty Carter Duets is a 1987 album recorded live. This rare record shows us two American vocal jazz masters with a perfect interaction marinated in good humor and spontaneity.

On this occasion, the Valencian singers Ester Andújar and Eva Romero reproduce the successful meeting. Endowed with voices of strong personality and facility for improvisation, their musical background, as well as their artistic and personal affinity, make them suitable interpreters of this historic session.

19 July
Víctor Jiménez &Friends
‘Tribute to Yelowjackets»
Víctor Jiménez & Friends revolve around the idea of the organic and the electric with a groove full of funk, the communication that is established between the rhythmic base and the melodic lines, collide in the succession of passages of intimacy and collective encounter.

Víctor Jiménez & Friends is an attractive musical proposition that inspires disparate resources to launch in a bomb of tremendous emphasis.

20 July 
Paul Evans Quartet
«Live Jazz»
Paul Evans was born in England in 1973. He started playing the trumpet
when he was 7 years old, and at 11 he got a scholarship from the Conservatory of Kent. In 1991 he played Handel's Messiah piece "The Trumpet it will ring ”, at the Royal Albert Hall directed by Brian Wright. After
years traveling and playing the five continents (in about thirty
countries), in 2000 with his departure to Spain, Paul was introduced
truly in the world of Jazz, playing with legends of the Big Band era like Eric Delaney, Denis Lotus and Mike Smith.